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Carnaval 2020

février 20, 2020

Colors And Fun for this Carnaval 2020 !

For the first Carnaval of the brand, Mystraw Company was represented in the Grand-Case parade, by our two fairytales, specially costumed for this exceptional occasion

Les petites Aiguilles Sxm
Costume Creator

At the most colorful event of the entire Caribbean, the creator Les Petites Aiguilles SXM, Dauphin Telecom and Mystraw Company, decided to propose for the parade in Grand-Case / Saint-Martin, a show 100% eco-friendly !

All the costumes were made with recycle materials, but as well from our biodegradable collection or simply from Nature !
Wings are made in palm leaf, and you can see our sugarcane plates and cup pretty everywhere….

The point was to show what we can do, reusing different things…. and how the result, with some creativity, can be just spectacular !!

Partners for this event :
– Dauphin Telecom https://www.facebook.com/dauphin.telecom/
– Les Petites Aiguilles https://www.facebook.com/LegoutMathilde/